Please note that this extension is provided as is. Always back up your website prior to installation.

Easily protect your website forms from unwanted spambots by adding in reCAPTCHA.

This extension protects the "Send to Friend", "Contact Us", "Product Review" and customer registration forms from spam submissions by adding in support for Google reCAPTCHA on these pages.

  • Version Compatibility: Magento CE1.5.x, CE1.6.x, CE1.7.x, EE1.7.x, EE1.8.x, EE1.9.x, EE1.10.x, EE1.11.x, EE1.12.x

Developer Not Included
Please ensure this extension is installed by an experienced Magento developer to avoid problems. Always test on a development copy of your website first and backup your website before installing.


Usage instructions

  1. Sign up for a reCAPTCHA account
  2. Enter the public and private API keys from reCAPTCHA in Fontis Extensions -> Recaptcha -> Recaptcha Setup
  3. Choose the reCAPTCHA language from the list of supported languages under Fontis Extensions -> Recaptcha -> Recaptcha Setup
  4. Choose which pages to enable reCAPTCHA on under Fontis Extensions -> Recaptcha -> Recaptcha Controls
  5. If you want to disable reCAPTCHA for customers that are logged into the site, make sure that the "Hide for Logged-in Customers" option in Fontis Extensions > Recaptcha > Recaptcha Controls is set to "Yes"
  6. If you have a custom design that makes changes to any of the following files, you will need to update the corresponding Fontis reCAPTCHA files in
    • contacts/form.phtml corresponds to fontis/recaptcha/contacts.phtml
    • customer/form/register.phtml corresponds to fontis/recaptcha/register.phtml
    • sendfriend/send.phtml corresponds to fontis/recaptcha/send.phtml
    • review/form.phtml corresponds to fontis/recaptcha/form.phtml

    The best approach is to create a new directory your_theme/template/fontis/recaptcha/ and copy your theme's versions of the above files to that directory. Then all you need to do is add the reCAPTCHA code that is found in the original Fontis templates. The code block that you will need to copy will look something like this:
    <?php if (Mage::helper("fontis_recaptcha")->showForm("contacts", true)): ?>
    <?php echo $this->getChildHtml('recaptcha_box') ?>
    <?php endif; ?>
    The second parameter to the showForm() function indicates whether or not the check to see if the customer is logged in should take place (subject to the appropriate system configuration setting). For pages such as the customer registration form, it does not make sense for the check to be performed as the customer cannot be logged in and see this page, so you would pass false to the function instead of true

  7. You can also choose from a range of reCAPTCHA themes under Fontis Extensions -> Recaptcha -> Recaptcha Setup. A 'Magento' theme is available which is designed using standard Magento CSS classes. If you want to make changes to the Magento theme, or create your own custom reCAPTCHA theme, the file to change is

Fontis reCAPTCHA and Magento Enterprise Edition
Fontis reCAPTCHA has been successfully tested with Magento Enterprise Edition (EE). EE has different default templates, so if you want to use Fontis reCAPTCHA on an EE site you will need to follow the above steps on integrating Fontis reCAPTCHA into your site design. You will need to do this even if your design does not modify the default files.

2.5.0 - 26/8/2013
  • Centralised the logic for checking whether or not the reCAPTCHA form should be shown on a page
  • Changed the directory structure
  • Added a modman file
2.3.1 - 2/7/2011
  • Update to package for people having problems installing
2.3.0 - 24/5/2011
  • Updated to work with Magento 1.5.x
  • Updated to use new reCaptcha URLs
  • Improved layout updates
  • Updated to work with Magento 1.4.x
  • Fixed cross-scripting vulnerability with contact us page
2.0.1 - 24/5/2011
  • Updated to use new reCaptcha URLs
  • Improved layout updates
  • New backend interface.
  • reCAPTCHA added to Product review
  • New Magento reCAPTCHA theme.
  • Multiple language support added.
  • Controller overriding redeveloped to minimise conflicts between different extensions.
  • Error messages are displayed when captcha fails.
  • Form data is saved when captcha fails.
  • New option: logged in customers do not see captcha.
  • Initial release.
Known Issues
Known Issues: 
  • None