Please note that this extension is provided as is. Always back up your website prior to installation.

Integration with the St. George bank Internet Payment Gateway interface.

This extension integrates Magento with the legacy St. George bank Internet Payment Gateway payment gateway. Only payments are allowed; refunds, void or pre-authorisation are not currently included in the extension.

  • Version Compatibility: Magento CE1.3.x, CE1.4.x

Developer Not Included
Please ensure this extension is installed by an experienced Magento developer to avoid problems. Always test on a development copy of your website first and backup your website before installing.


Please note that, due to the setup requirements from St. George, the installation of this extension is more complicated than most payment gateway extensions. It requires having access to system directories on the server running Magento.

Installation instructions:

  1. Go to the IPG site
  2. Download the Linux SDK
  3. Copy to /usr/lib/
  4. Compile and install PHP extension with SWIG
  5. Activate the new PHP extension
  6. Install St. George Magento extension
  7. In payment method settings, upload the cert.cert file provided by St. George
  • Initial version.
Known Issues
Known Issues: 
  • None