Please note that this extension is provided as is. Always back up your website prior to installation.

Integration with the Westpac PayWay and QuickGateway gateways.

This extension provides integration with Magento and the Qvalent PayWay and QuickGateway API payment gateways.

  • Version Compatibility: Magento CE1.3.x, CE1.4.x, CE1.5.x, CE1.6.x, CE1.7.x, EE1.6.x, EE1.7.x, EE1.8.x, EE1.9.x, EE1.10.x, EE1.11.x, EE1.12.x

Developer Not Included
Please ensure this extension is installed by an experienced Magento developer to avoid problems. Always test on a development copy of your website first and backup your website before installing.


The following instructions are for PayWay but similar steps should work for QuickGateway as well.

  1. Install extension through Magento Connect.
  2. Create var/log/ directory and make it world writable.
  3. Log in to PayWay.
  4. Go to Setup API -> Security. This page will provide you with the username and password to enter into the extension configuration.
  5. Add the IP address for your server to the access list. (You can get this by making a test transaction and recording the rejected address shown in the error message.)
  6. Go to Setup API -> Certificate.
  7. Set "Choose your API Technology" to "PHP" and click "Go".
  8. Click "Download PHP Certificate" and save the file somewhere.
  9. Upload this file to a location off the main Magento directory. By default the extension will look for the file var/certs/ccapi.pem but this is configurable.
  10. Go to the Magento Admin Panel and to System -> Configuration -> Payment Methods.
  11. Enter merchant ID, username and password into extension settings.
  12. Ensure the extension is enabled and that the certificate setting has the correct pathname for the file you uploaded previously.
  • Updated PayWay Qvalent library and root certificate.
  • Added support for selecting which credit card types to support during checkout.
  • Added support for QuickGateway.
  • Added support for refunds with Magento credit memos.
  • Initial version.
Known Issues
Known Issues: 
  • None