Please note that this extension is provided as is. Always back up your website prior to installation.

Adds a chosen JavaScript WYSIWYG editor to selected admin pages.

This extension gives you the option to add a JavaScript WYSIWYG editor to specified admin page text areas. Currently available editors are:

  • Version Compatibility: Magento CE1.3.x, CE1.4.x

Developer Not Included
Please ensure this extension is installed by an experienced Magento developer to avoid problems. Always test on a development copy of your website first and backup your website before installing.


Settings are available from the System -> Configuration page, under Fontis Extensions -> WYSGIWYG Editors section.
Note that by default, the file upload functionality of the included editors is disabled. If you would like to use it, set the Enable File Uploads option to 'Yes'. There is always some potential risk in allowing users to upload files to your web server, so you should only enable this functionality if you intend to use it. We have added additional checks and access controls to the file upload scripts so that only logged-in Magento administrators are able to access them, but if you don't use the upload functionality it is safer to leave it turned off.

  • Updated TinyMCE to version 3.2.6.
  • Added iBrowser TinyMCE file upload plugin (credit SharpDot).
  • Added preliminary support for CKeditor (FCKeditor version 3).
  • Fixed editors not loading on new transactional email pages (credit TLS Web Solutions).
  • Fixed editors not appearing on category description textarea (credit BouncingOrange).
  • Added TinyMCE Magento plugin by BouncingOrange, fixing extra break tags and double curly brace issues.
  • Fixed double curly brace issue in FCK submitted by Sensi.
  • Added language selection options for FCK and TinyMCE.
  • Added TinyMCE plugin selector.
  • Reorganised backend configuration options to allow custom config JavaScript to be specified in Magento instead of in config files.
  • Updated included versions of FCKEditor and TinyMCE.
  • Added security patch to FCKEditor file uploader submitted by Sensi.
  • Changed FCKEditor settings to eliminate newlines from editor output. This is a workaround to help eliminate unwanted break tags and extra spacing on the frontend.
  • Changed FCKEditor to be the default editor type.
  • Added config option allowing CSS IDs of additional textareas that should use the WYSIWYG editor to be specified.
  • Integrated FCKeditor file uploader with Magento.
  • Added FCKeditor skin configuration option.
  • Added FCKeditor file upload directory configuration option.
  • Fixes an issues with required fields not allowing submission.
  • Initial version.
Known Issues
Known Issues: 
  • CKeditor does not display correctly on Manage Categories or Transactional Emails pages.
  • Editors do not display on Manage Categories page in Magento version specifically, earlier and later versions work correctly.