Fontis was founded in 2006. Through the adoption of open standards and open source applications, we have helped many businesses lower costs, improve reliability and escape vendor lock-in.

    We provide services to clients in a range of industries, and our clients are located both in Australia and internationally.

    The word fontis is roughly translated from Latin to mean "from the source", referring to an origin, spring or fountain. We selected this as a name for our business due to its applicability to the idea of source code in computing, which refers to the human-readable instructions written by programmers in a programming language which can then be converted to some sort of computer-executable form.


    Our aim is to bring together a team of passionate developers and IT professionals focused on helping all businesses, from small to large enterprises, make the most of FOSS.

    • Commitment to service.
    • Convention over Configuration.
    • Best Practices.
    • Engineered solutions - nothing adhoc.
    Team photo