Fontis Hype DC Responsive Web Design

    From their very first forays into online retail through to today, Fontis has worked with Hype DC to bring their unique style to the web.

    Beginning with the development of a desktop transactional eCommerce site in a time before the iPad and rise of smartphones, Fontis has helped Hype DC keep pace with the rapidly changing demands of their tech-savvy customer base.

    • Platform: Magento
    • Launched: 2009

    What We Do For Hype DC

    • Responsive Web Design
    • Magento Development
    • Performance Optimisation
    • Server Management
    • Support & Training
    • Systems Integration


    Size translation

    No matter which sizes the manufacturer uses, customers can select a size in their preferred range.

    Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

    Detailed tracking of user activity allows for greater insight into customer behaviour.

    Express checkout

    Alternate streamlined checkout allowing customers to speed through order placement for limited availability products.

    Alternate image on hover

    Store locator

    Extended brand features

    Size faceting


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