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See the extension in action using Quiksilver Australia's product search powered by Algolia.

Example searches:

  • "boardshorts"
  • "wetsuit"
  • "tshirt"



Instant product search as you type

With Algolia's "find as you type" instant product search, customers can think less about how to search and more about what they find. Faceting (layered navigation) refinement of search results are also powered by Algolia and update in real time just like search queries. Results are retrieved from Algolia's servers, reducing response times and load on Magento.

Flexible search options

Each site has different requirements for search, so the Fontis Algolia extension allows you to configure a wide range of options for indexing and customer presentation. Exclude categories, add complex and dynamic content like review ratings to search results, adjust match thresholds, and much more.

Customisable frontend

Search result pages are constructed client-side, taking full advantage of Algolia's exceptionally fast results. Templates are fully customisable, allowing complete customisation and making it easy to match the design of category and Magento's default results pages. The Fontis Algolia extension's results page is fully integrated with the rest of your site, using the same structure and styling as other pages while delivering a superior search experience powered by Algolia.


Feature Algolia Community Extension Fontis Algolia Extension
Search results page Yes Yes
Global search form in header Yes Yes
Header search autocomplete dropdown with product and category suggestions Yes Yes
Multi-store support Yes Yes
Multilingual store support Yes Yes
Live updating instant search results page Yes Yes
High performance native Algolia sorting and faceting on results page Yes Yes
Manage ranking of searchable attributes from Magento Yes Yes
Maintain Algolia synonyms from Magento No Yes
Easily customise and integrate search results page with design No Yes
Comprehensive documentation No Yes
Installation service available No Yes
Expert Magento support No Yes


Expert support

  • Comprehensive documentation for all extension features.
  • Assistance with installation or usage from our expert developers via email for 6 months.
  • Extend your support period by purchasing an update and support package.

Updates for 6 months

  • Updates published within 6 months of purchase are available at no extra charge.
  • Lengthen the update entitlement period by purchasing an extended update and support package.
  • Receive notifications when new releases are published.

30 day money back guarantee

  • Not compatible with your customisations or other extensions?
  • Doesn't do quite what you were expecting?
  • Let us know within 30 days of purchase and we'll refund your money.

Fair use licensing

  • Each license is valid for one Magento installation, no restrictions on websites, stores, customers or products.
  • Licenses apply to Community or Enterprise Edition sites, without paying a premium for EE.
  • Full source code provided, without encoding or obfuscation.