Native Magento blogging platform

    The Fontis Blog Extension adds all of the common features you'd expect from a blog, built right into the Magento admin panel so you don't need to switch to another system to manage blog content. Posts, comments, categories, tags and authors are all available and easy to work with in the same way as other Magento CMS content, including use of the WYSIWYG.

    Advanced Magento features

    Magento's multi-site functionality is fully supported by the blog extension, but it goes even further - each website can have multiple blogs assigned to it, which allows you to use a "blog" structure for different sections of the site. The extension also fully supports the full page cache and admin actions log included in Magento Enterprise Edition.

    Social engagement and search engine optimisation

    Drive more traffic to your site by leveraging the content of your blogs, with social sharing services and SEO features. RSS feeds are generated for each blog as a whole, as well as for individual categories, allowing users to subscribe to the posts they want to see and enabling easier sharing on sites like Facebook and Google+. To make content more visible to search engines, the blog will automatically include posts, categories and authors in the Magento sitemap.xml file.

    Integrates with third-party services

    If you are using the Fontis Algolia search extension, then the blog can automatically include posts in search results as CMS content. The Fontis reCAPTCHA extension will add CAPTCHAs to prevent bots submitting comments. To increase social interaction you can plug in an AddThis account and enable sharing links on blog posts in minutes.

    Full Feature List

    • Multi-store support
    • Multiple blogs per store
    • Post creation
      • WYSIWYG editor support
      • Summary content, supported by index pages and RSS
      • Main and thumbnail image support
    • User comments
    • Tags
    • Authors
    • RSS feeds (global and per-category)
    • Archives (daily, monthly or yearly)
    • Search supoport through the Fontis Algolia extension
    • AddThis integration
    • Sidebar widget
    • Adds blog posts, categories, authors and tags to the Magento sitemap.xml generator
    • Integration with the Magento EE Full Page Cache
    • Basic support for the Magento EE Admin Actions Log

    Additional Information

    Add this extension to your account to view full documentation, a changelog and past releases.

    Fontis community extensions are provided without any support or warranty.