Magento Extension Roundup - October 2015

    0 Comments · 05 Nov 2015 · Posted in Magento, by Matthew Gamble

    In this Magento extension round-up, we quickly review some of the free extensions that were released in October, including admin activity and inventory logging solutions, order price and quantity restrictions, and events content.

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    Google Tag Manager Extension Released

    0 Comments · 15 Sep 2015 · Posted in Magento, by Chris Norton

    Looking to manage remarketing code or other third-party services on your site, without needing a developer to make every change? Tag Manager is a free service from Google which aims to address this common problem and give you the ability to easily add tags for Google Analytics, AdWords, tracking pixels and more. The Fontis Google Tag Manager extension for Magento will automatically export common Magento data so that it can be used in GTM.

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    Composer Autoloader 2.0 released

    0 Comments · 11 Sep 2015 · Posted in Magento, by Matthew Gamble

    Version 2.0 of the Fontis Composer Autoloader extension has been released, which brings a significant improvement to how Composer's autoloader is loaded.

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    Fontis Composer Repository Launch

    0 Comments · 10 Sep 2015 · Posted in Announcements, by Chris Norton

    PHP and Magento development has matured in the past few years. One of the biggest advances has been the widespread adoption of Composer, which has established itself as a de facto standard for the management of PHP packages and libraries. Today we are pleased to announce the introduction of Composer support for all of our Magento extensions, allowing developers to easily install, update and manage extensions registered to their Fontis account using Composer.

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    Using AWS DynamoDB for Magento session storage

    0 Comments · 31 Aug 2015 · Posted in Magento, by Peter Spiller

    DynamoDB is a NoSQL database service provided by Amazon, offering features like easy scalability, high availability and data durability. These properties make it well suited to being used as a Magento session storage engine. The AWS PHP SDK already includes a PHP session handler, so in theory it should be a simple matter of including the SDK and configuring Magento to use it. In practice, it wasn't quite this straightforward.

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    Magento Extension Roundup - July 2015

    0 Comments · 14 Aug 2015 · Posted in Magento, by Ron Carr

    In this month's round up of new free Magento extensions, we look at One Step Checkout, FAQ page, product order history, automated cross selling section and webhooks.

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    CLI image resize memory limit errors

    0 Comments · 13 Jul 2015 · Posted in Magento, by Andrew Rollason

    Resizing images from the command line can cause memory limit errors to occur when using Magento CE, EE, or above. We have developed a patch to fix the issue.

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    Magento Extension Roundup - June 2015

    0 Comments · 10 Jul 2015 · Posted in Magento, by Paul Hoang

    In this month's round up of new free Magento extensions, we look at self-service customer account deletion, HTML5 form elements, location aware currency switching, Enterprise Edition indexer statistics, and a IP restricted payment method.

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