Mercator Demo Vagrant Box

    0 Comments · Friday 23 May 2014 · Posted in Announcements, by Peter Spiller

    As part of our ongoing work on Mercator (a Magento Community Edition distribution launched last year), we have released a demo Vagrant box, available for immediate download. Mercator has recently been updated to merge changes from the Magento CE release, and now includes features such as a streamlined checkout, responsive design using the Bootstrap framework, and improved search functionality. Rather than having to set up a development environment and install Mercator, the box is fully configured and ready for use. The box runs Mercator on HHVM, includes services like Redis and Elasticsearch pre-installed and configured, and uses the Magento CE 1.8 sample data.

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    Mercator Launched

    0 Comments · Monday 02 Sep 2013 · Posted in Announcements, by Lloyd Hazlett

    Fontis is pleased to announce the release of Mercator, a community driven distribution of Magento. The Magento community has matured to the point where an amazing number of valuable open source contributions have been released, and Mercator expands upon the Community Edition feature set by bringing together the best of these extensions into a cohesive distribution. Code is now on GitHub, and already includes a number of additional features in its initial commit that have been integrated through community extensions.

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    Fontis Magento Blog Extension

    0 Comments · Monday 26 Aug 2013 · Posted in Magento, by Lloyd Hazlett

    Blogs are a great tool for businesses to engage with customers and publicise the latest products, promotions and services through their website, and eCommerce websites are of course no exception. There are a number of solutions for Magento that have been around for quite a long time now, but we feel there's still room for improvement when it comes to a native extension, and that's why we're pleased to announce the release of the Fontis Blog extension for Magento. With source now available on GitHub and as a package on the Fontis Blog Magento extension page, it provides a built-in blogging platform for Magento using familiar admin panel content management features.

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    M2M Sync compatibility with MYOB 2011/2012 and 2013

    0 Comments · Thursday 21 Mar 2013 · Posted in Magento, by Peter Spiller

    While MYOB continues to extend its products into the cloud, it has created some confusion surrounding our M2M Sync software and support for the latest releases of the MYOB product line. In summary, M2M Sync is compatible with the AccountRight version 19 products, which are still supported by MYOB at this time. It is not compatible with the AccountRight 2011/2012 or 2013 products. However, please note that any current AccountRight subscription also includes access to the compatible version 19 software, so this may be installed instead for use with M2M Sync.

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    Move Magento Private Files Outside the Docroot

    0 Comments · Friday 23 Nov 2012 · Posted in Magento, by Lloyd Hazlett

    This week saw the inaugural Click Frenzy sale generate a huge amount of interest in Australian eCommerce, and we are proud to have been the developer responsible for delivering the website for the event based on a Magento platform. The site stood up well after a challenging start on Tuesday evening, but there was a configuration issue with the webserver environment at one point which left a number of private application files exposed for some time. During this period the Magento directory was inadvertently left with directory listings on and without private directories and their contents protected from access. These private files being accessible did not result in a security breach of any kind, and there was never any sensitive personal data stored on any of the website's servers, but the cause of the disclosure does highlight a risk of Magento’s design. Currently, the entire application is designed to be located in the webserver’s document root (docroot). To address this risk and eliminate the possibility of a misconfiguration having this effect, the Magento application needs to be restructured to make it possible to relocate most parts outside of the docroot. This is an approach we’ll be adopting in future and which we document in this post. We also include an accompanying patch that we are releasing to the Magento community.

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