Magento Extension Roundup - April 2015

    0 Comments · Tuesday 12 May 2015 · Posted in Magento, by David Erceg

    Welcome to the second instalment of our monthly Magento extension round-up, where we quickly review some of the more notable free extensions which were released on Magento Connect and GitHub in the past month. This month we look at extensions for adding your own custom stock statuses and customer attributes, auto-registering customers on checkout, Instagram integration and more.

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    Australia 3.0 and Feeds Generator

    0 Comments · Wednesday 29 Apr 2015 · Posted in Announcements, by Chris Norton

    We are happy to announce a couple of major releases today. Users of the Australia extension will be pleased to hear that we have released version 3.0, containing substantial new features and many minor enhancements. Additionally, the new Feeds Generator extension has been launched, allowing you to easily produce feeds of your Magento catalogue for the major shopping comparison services like Google Shopping.

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    Magento Extension Roundup - March 2015

    0 Comments · Friday 17 Apr 2015 · Posted in Magento, by Will Mischlewski

    This is the first in a new series of regular posts where we look at recently released free extensions that have caught our eye. We review extensions that have been published on Magento Connect and GitHub and share our thoughts on their premise and execution.

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    Algolia Magento Extension Released

    0 Comments · Thursday 16 Apr 2015 · Posted in Announcements, by Andrew Rollason

    Algolia is an exciting new hosted search service that provides instant search results as you type, no matter where you are in the world. The Fontis Algolia Magento extension makes it easier to add robust, powerful and fast search to your site. With relevant, real-time results appearing almost instantaneously, visitors can find the products they want quickly and with a minimum of fuss, turning them from website browsers into paying customers.

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    Adding the WYSIWYG editor to an extension

    0 Comments · Thursday 02 Apr 2015 · Posted in Magento, by Matthew Gamble

    While developing the new Fontis Blog extension, we wanted to allow use of the same WYSIWYG editor tools that users have when creating Magento CMS pages or static blocks. Doing so is not very difficult, requiring only a few changes to add the Magento WYSIWYG to your own extensions.

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