Australia Post API Certificate Update
11 Jul 2017, by Chris Norton
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    Merchants signed up for Australia Post services will have recently received an email explaining that the SSL certificates used by Australia Post will soon be updated. As many of our customers will be connecting to Auspost APIs through the Fontis Australia extension, we will explain the impact to Magento merchants.

    When is this happening?

    The cutover time is scheduled for August 2nd, 2017 at 12:00 AEST.

    Does this affect the Australia extensions for Magento 1 & 2?


    The extension does not store the SSL certificates anywhere, and so will work with any trusted SSL certificates. This will also be the case for any future updates to the certificates.

    Do I need to do anything?


    If you're only using the Fontis Australia extension, then there won't be anything that needs to be done. If you've connected other services to Australia Post's APIs then you will need to check those services independently.

    We would encourage everyone to contact Australia Post if you're concerned that you may have other systems connected to the Auspost APIs that may need to be updated.