Australia Post API Certificate Update

    0 Comments · 11 Jul 2017 · Posted in Announcements, by Chris Norton

    As part of an update to their infrastructure, Australia Post will be replacing the existing SSL certificates for their APIs. In this post we explain the impact to users of the Fontis Australia extensions for Magento 1 & 2.

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    Google Tag Manager 5.2.0 released

    0 Comments · 13 Jan 2017 · Posted in Announcements, by Chris Norton

    Announcing the release of version 5.2.0 of the Fontis Google Tag Manager extension for Magento 1, featuring updates to complex product handling and Enhanced Ecommerce support.

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    Fontis Composer Repository Launch

    0 Comments · 10 Sep 2015 · Posted in Announcements, by Chris Norton

    PHP and Magento development has matured in the past few years. One of the biggest advances has been the widespread adoption of Composer, which has established itself as a de facto standard for the management of PHP packages and libraries. Today we are pleased to announce the introduction of Composer support for all of our Magento extensions, allowing developers to easily install, update and manage extensions registered to their Fontis account using Composer.

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    MageAudit Updated with Report History

    0 Comments · 25 Jun 2015 · Posted in Announcements, by Chris Norton

    Our popular Magento auditing tool, MageAudit, has been updated to collect your reports together for easy historical reference, while we've also added a number of other features requested by our customers, including the option to purchase multiple credits at a discounted rate.

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    Australia 3.0 and Feeds Generator

    0 Comments · 29 Apr 2015 · Posted in Announcements, by Chris Norton

    We are happy to announce a couple of major releases today. Users of the Australia extension will be pleased to hear that we have released version 3.0, containing substantial new features and many minor enhancements. Additionally, the new Feeds Generator extension has been launched, allowing you to easily produce feeds of your Magento catalogue for the major shopping comparison services like Google Shopping.

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    Algolia Magento Extension Released

    0 Comments · 16 Apr 2015 · Posted in Announcements, by Andrew Rollason

    Algolia is an exciting new hosted search service that provides instant search results as you type, no matter where you are in the world. The Fontis Algolia Magento extension makes it easier to add robust, powerful and fast search to your site. With relevant, real-time results appearing almost instantaneously, visitors can find the products they want quickly and with a minimum of fuss, turning them from website browsers into paying customers.

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