Composer Autoloader 2.0 released
11 Sep 2015, by Matthew Gamble
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    Today we are releasing version 2.0 of the Fontis Composer Autoloader extension for Magento, which is designed to let you use any Composer dependency within Magento. This release includes changes so that you no longer need to fire an extra event to use it for code that doesn't run during a normal Magento web request, such as a shell script.

    These changes make the extension more generally applicable and mean developers no longer need to worry about whether Composer dependencies will be loaded differently based on environment. The way in which we've implemented this extension also means there is no need to patch or modify core files.

    Fontis Composer Autoloader 2.0 is available now through our website, as well as on GitHub. If you find this extension helpful, please leave a comment and let us know, or if you'd like to contribute, issues and PRs on GitHub are always welcome.