Fontis Composer Repository Launch
10 Sep 2015, by Chris Norton
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    PHP and Magento development has matured in the past few years. One of the biggest advances has been the widespread adoption of Composer, which has established itself as a de facto standard for the management of PHP packages and libraries. Though Composer doesn't immediately lend itself to the management of Magento extensions, the Magento developer community quickly realised the value of doing so and worked together to release the impressive magento-composer-installer. This adds support for managing Magento extensions with Composer, which can make the process of managing versions and dependencies in a Magento installation much easier.

    Magento 2 officially requires Composer and will be using it as the recommended installation method, significantly improving the developer experience. With this change in mind, today we are pleased to announce the introduction of Composer support for all of our Magento 1 extensions, allowing developers to easily install, update and manage extensions registered to their Fontis account with Composer.

    Getting started is as easy as adding your personal Fontis repository to your composer.json. For more information, see our Composer FAQ page.