Magento Extension Roundup - August 2018
12 Sep 2018, by Peter Spiller
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    In this month's Magento extension round-up, we quickly review some recent extensions: sitemap and API improvements, product visibility checks and a tool to clean up unused product images.

    Magento 1

    Product Visibility Grid by itonomy

    License: MIT
    Version Reviewed: 1.0.0

    If a Magento product isn't appearing on the frontend, it can be difficult to work out why. There are a number of factors that determine whether a product is visible, including stock status, the visibility attribute, and so on. This extension displays a modified product grid that summarises the various visibility factors, so you can easily see why a product is or isn't visible. The grid also allows reindexing products, to help with cases where an out of date index is the problem.

    This extension is similar to the Quafzi Product Visibility extension, which shows information about product visiblity in a tab on the product edit page.

    View on GitHub

    Magento 2

    Google XML Sitemap by Mageplaza

    License: Custom
    Version Reviewed: 2.0.0

    Magento 2 already includes basic XML sitemap functionality, which this extension builds on. It allows further customisation of the XML sitemap, including adding custom links, removing the home CMS page and specifying an update frequency. The extension also allows generating an HTML sitemap, designed for use by customers. This can include categories, products, or CMS pages.

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    Deleted Product Image by cap340

    License: MIT
    Version Reviewed: 1.1.2

    When images are added to a product, Magento 2 stores the image files in its media directory. However, if a product is deleted, any image files associated with that product aren't cleaned up. These 'orphaned' images will consume disk space and don't provide any benefit.

    This extension attempts to solve this problem by providing a new CLI command to clean up any images that are no longer used. A dry-run option allows you to see what files will be deleted before any changes are made. If you delete products often, or in significant numbers, this could save a lot of disk space and effort during clean up.

    View on GitHub

    Review API by Divante

    License: MIT
    Version Reviewed: 1.0.0

    While Magento 2's REST API allows you to make changes to most items on a store, such as products, categories, and customers, it doesn't currently support reviews. This extension addresses this deficiency by adding full read support and partial write support for product review. Existing reviews can be searched, fetched and updated, while new reviews can be created. Specifying ratings while creating or updating reviews isn't supported, however. This extension will likely be most useful for external systems that may need to collect information about reviews that have been placed, such as product recommendation services.

    View on GitHub

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