It is time for another Magento extension roundup, reviewing some free extensions that were released in June. This month we have a fake data generator for testing, a new style of banner slider, and product review reminders.

Magento 2

Masquerade elgentos

License: MIT
Version Reviewed: ba7a88ceec89

The Masquerade extension gives you the ability to create fake data by configuring rules. It is built upon the popular Faker library that can generate sensible looking fake data based on locales, for example addresses, names and phone numbers.

The configuration is YAML based and should be formatted using Faker formatters. Once you have specified the necessary database connection details, you can start generating fake data in the Magento database.

It is a handy tool to populate a local or QA environment with meaningfully formatted fake data quickly.

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Banners Slider php-cuong

License: Custom
Version Reviewed: 320d5e886300

This extension is part of a tutorial for creating Magento 2 modules and modifying the frontend, and provides a slider function in both "owl carousel" and normal carousel styles.

Since it's partly a tutorial, there is some manual set up necessary to get the carousels working. You can follow the full tutorial and associated video to get up and running.

If you're looking for a new type of carousel for your site, and don't mind putting in a bit of manual effort, this might be the perfect starting point for your own carousel feature.

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Magento 1

Magento Review Reminder magecomp

License: Unknown
Version Reviewed: 1.0

This extension runs a cron job that allows stores to send emails automatically to customers reminding them to leave a review after a certain number of days after purchase.

The installation of this extension is relatively straightforward, but does require some manual editing of template files. The extension allows you to configure the email template and the number days after orders are completed to send out emails.

Product reviews are possibly the most valuable user-generated content for any ecommerce site, and a timely reminder sent to purchasers will increase the chances of you turning customers into contributors.

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