Magento Extension Roundup - May 2016
20 Jun 2016, by Peter Spiller
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    It's time for another Magento extension round-up, reviewing some free extensions that were released in May. This time we're looking at extensions for Facebook tracking, search improvements and order export, as well as Magento 2 command-line autocompletion.

    Facebook Pixel by Apptrian

    Facebook tracking pixel code on checkout success page

    This is a straightforward extension that adds the Facebook tracking pixel to a Magento site. The pixel is included on a range of pages, including product pages, category pages, the checkout and the checkout success page. Tracking events for viewing content, purchases and registration are sent to Facebook via the pixel.

    The extension uses the layout system to add a block to the tracked pages. The pixel can be added to other pages by adding some extra layout XML, which wouldn't be hard to do.

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    Order Import/Export by Dotsquares

    Order export success

    This extension allows admin users to export orders to a CSV file, as well as import them. This functionality could be used to import orders from an external system into Magento, in order to analyse them together with existing orders or to make them visible to customers.

    The code has been implemented fairly rigidly, so any additional columns added to the sales database tables by other extensions would not be included in imports or exports. Importing orders using this extension uses Magento's normal object save process, so any code that triggers on order creation would be run. This may or may not be what you want, depending on your workflow. The extension has been packaged with some test order export files included, which you would probably want to remove. Overall we'd recommend reviewing this extension in depth before using it.

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    Optimised Quick Search by Evolutis

    Quick search settings

    Magento's default MySQL fulltext search functionality is serviceable but limited. This extension adds the ability to assign search weights to product attributes, so that some can be made more important to search results than others. For example, the 'name' attribute could be given a higher weight than 'description'. An individual search term (the extension splits the search string on whitespace) matching a product name would be treated as more significant than the same search term matching part of the description.

    The extension also allows boolean AND-ing the search terms, rather than Magento's default of boolean OR. If this feature is enabled, all the provided search terms would need to match, rather than one or more. The extension overrides the fulltext search resource model but doesn't touch anything else, other than adding a few admin panel related observers, so it should be straightforward to add to a site.

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    Magento2 Bash Completion by Yaroslav Voronoy

    Magento 2 CLI autocompletion example

    Magento 2's command-line interface is far richer than Magento 1's. This plugin adds autocompletion for Magento 2's subcommands and their options. Anybody who makes heavy use of the Magento 2 command-line interface would probably appreciate using this plugin. Installation is via Composer.

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