Magento Extension Roundup - October 2016
09 Nov 2016, by Tracy Chan
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    It's time for another Magento extension round-up, reviewing some free extensions that were released in October. This time we're looking at extensions for targeted product recommendations, SEO pagination, and Magento core bug fixes.

    Seasonal Product Recommendations by Net Solutions

    The Seasonal Product Recommendations extension adds an extra 'seasons' attribute to products, which enables products to optionally be assigned to one or many seasons based on their suitability. Seasons to choose from are: Winter, Summer, Autumn, Spring, Wet (Winter), and Dry (Summer).

    Once products are assigned to their relevant seasons, customers can then be shown product recommendations on the homepage depending on their local season which is determined by their IP address. This is an effective way to show more relevant products to customers living in different parts of the world.

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    SEO Pagination by team23

    SEO Pagination is an extension that helps remediate known problems surrounding pagination in SEO by adding rel="prev" and rel="next" attributes to category pages in a HTML <link> tag. This additional information tells search engines to continue indexing category pages as a series, rather than separate pages, which allows for a better understanding of the site structure, and prevents duplication of content.

    No knowledge of code or changes to template files are required, all settings can be configured via the admin panel under Search Engine Optimisations. For more information refer to the official Google webmasters article on pagination.

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    JsonPriceFix by rossmc

    The product price for configurable/bundled products in Magento is displayed twice in the product details page if using the default Magento templates and layout. The "regular" price is displayed next to the product description, but there is also an additional "cloned" price that is displayed in the add to cart box.

    In Magento CE 1.9.3, selecting a configurable attribute for a product in the frontend only updates the "regular" price but not the "cloned" price, which results in two different prices being shown on the same product page. This issue is caused by the addition of a new helper class Mage_Catalog_Helper_Product_Type_Composite which omits the previously existing "cloned" price value from the Product.OptionsPrice JSON object.

    The JsonPriceFix extension fixes this issue by simply adding the omitted "cloned" value back in. A rewrite is required in order to override the above-mentioned core helper class.

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    Media Symlink Fix by Rouven Alexander Rieker

    This simple extension fixes a bug in Magento CE and EE that causes the directory tree in the WYSIWYG image uploader to show recursively when the media directory is a symlink, rather than a regular directory. The extension solves this problem by using the PHP realpath function when fetching the media directory, which resolves the symlink and returns the absolute path of the directory, rather than recursively referring back to the symlink. A rewrite is required to overwrite the core Mage_Cms_Helper_Wysiwyg_Images class.

    The latest versions of Magento do not appear to have this problem, but if you're still on one of the older versions then this extension might come in handy.

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