Fontis Westpac 2.1.5: Important Update
04 Nov 2012, by Chris Norton
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    We have just released an important update to the Fontis Westpac extension, which should be installed by all merchants using the PayWay service. The update includes a new Verisign certificate for the PayWay gateway which will be required in order to continue connecting to the gateway. Merchants who will be affected by this update should have already been contacted by Westpac.

    In addition, we have added another small but often requested feature, and added in a credit card type selection box to the PayWay and QuickGateway settings pages in the Magento configuration. Merchants will now be able to easily configure whether they want to accept American Express, Discover and others.

    The latest version of the extension can be downloaded from our website at the Fontis Westpac, through Magento Connect or on GitHub.