MageAudit: The Magento Health Check
22 May 2012, by Chris Norton
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    A successful Magento implementation requires not only development expertise and an understanding of its internals and various settings, but also systems administration knowledge to ensure that the hosting environment is configured correctly and for optimal performance. As a store owner or developer who may not be familiar with all of these areas themselves, it can therefore be difficult to check on the overall quality of a particular installation. How can the relative “health” of a Magento store be quickly and easily assessed? Introducing MageAudit, the Magento Health Check.

    We've set out to provide a solution to assist both users and developers in detecting common misconfigurations, incompatibilities, and other sources of potential Magento headaches. Unfortunately, we see problematic installations suffering from many of these issues on a daily basis, and hope that by sharing our expertise through MageAudit, we can help more of the community improve the quality of their sites.

    MageAudit report

    MageAudit couldn't be easier to run, just download our audit script and upload to your server; it should run anywhere Magento 1.1+ does. Once uploaded, access the script in your browser, and after submitting you will be directed to the MageAudit site to see your overall grade. For the low fee of just $49 USD, you can then unlock the report to access extended result details complete with information on how each check works along with suggestions on how to resolve any issues found. Compared to the cost of having one or more independent developers (or even the Magento Expert Consulting Group) perform a similar set of basic checks which may take many days to complete, it's easy to see how MageAudit represents excellent value.

    To conduct the audit, the service collects several different pieces of information from your site - namely Magento settings, extensions installed, file hashes, software versions, and basic server configuration details. We do not collect any logins, passwords, customer details, sales data, credit cards or any other sensitive information from your site, and we will not share the limited identifiable data that we do collect with anyone. In addition, all data transferred back to our servers is fully encrypted.

    The documentation and checks included in MageAudit have been developed through our first-hand experience troubleshooting and working with Magento for more than 5 years, as well as incorporating established best practices from resources such as the official Magento performance whitepaper. We currently conduct 25 tests over 6 categories, with plans to add many in future.

    With MageAudit, Magento store owners and developers now have access to an on-demand audit tool providing fast and cost effective advice. So is your Magento site healthy? Find out now with MageAudit – grading your site is quick and free, with no obligation to purchase the full report.