MageAudit Updated with Report History
25 Jun 2015, by Chris Norton
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    Our popular Magento auditing tool, MageAudit, has been updated to collect your reports together for easy historical reference, while we've also added a number of other features requested by our customers, including the option to purchase multiple credits at a discounted rate.

    Updated Features

    Previously, audit reports were isolated and could only be viewed by using the unique URL sent in confirmation emails. Though these URLs were randomised and measures were in place to lock reports where unusual access patterns were detected, given the sensitive nature of report contents we have made the decision to require authentication. Now, all audits are listed in your customer account, giving you one place to log in to and see any past audits, including their report grade.

    In addition, each audit report is now unlocked with credits which can be purchased in bulk, with discounts available. This will make it cheaper and more convenient to run multiple audits across one or more Magento sites, for example when performing a second audit after changes from a first audit have been made.

    We've also improved the data collector script that runs on your server to submit an audit so that it's faster, consumes fewer resources, and will work on a wider range of systems. This should make the process of running an audit even easier.

    Accessing Previous Reports

    If you'd like you view a report generated before these most recent changes, you can still do so by logging in to your new account on our site. All existing audits have been associated with new accounts using the email address that was provided when running an audit. To log in to your new account:

    1. Go to the Log In page
    2. Either:
      • Log in with a social service, if you have a social account with the same email address provided when submitting the audit; or
      • Use the Forgot Your Password? to reset the password for your email address

    Once you're logged in, you can update your account details and view historical reports.

    What's Next?

    This update will make it easier for us to keep improving MageAudit and add further checks to better inform you of potential issues on your Magento site. Running an audit to receive an indicative letter grade is free (you only pay for detailed reports), so if you haven't tried out MageAudit yet, create an account and give your site a health check today!

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