Fontis Magento Blog Extension
26 Aug 2013, by Lloyd Hazlett
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    Blogs are a great tool for businesses to engage with customers and publicise the latest products, promotions and services through their website, and eCommerce websites are of course no exception. There are a number of solutions for Magento that have been around for quite a long time now, but we feel there's still room for improvement when it comes to a native extension, and that's why we're pleased to announce the release of the Fontis Blog extension for Magento. With source now available on GitHub and as a package on the Fontis Blog Magento extension page, it provides a built-in blogging platform for Magento using familiar admin panel content management features.

    The Blog extension has all the standard features you'd expect:

    • Posts
    • Categories
    • Comments
    • Archives
    • RSS feeds

    It also has full multi-store support, and integrates seamlessly with the newly-updated Fontis reCAPTCHA Magento extension. You can review the full list of features from our Blog Magento extension page.

    This extension, like the Blog extension released by AheadWorks, is a derivative of the old Lazzymonk Blog extension that was popular in 2009 before development by its original author ceased. We feel our extension will benefit from using a standard open source license and from an open development model that encourages community contributions. The extension has been published on GitHub under the Open Source License v3, and we welcome any contributions from the wider Magento developer community.

    Listing on Magento Connect will follow soon, and we'll update this post once a Magento package is available through this channel.