reCAPTCHA Extension Released
20 Apr 2009, by Chris Norton
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    We are pleased to announce the release of our latest Magento extension, Fontis reCAPTCHA, which adds in CAPTCHA elements to the "Send to a Friend", "Contact Us" and customer registration forms, increasing the difficulty for spammers to misuse your forms and send UCE. The extension was developed after observing the "send to friend" form (in particular) being abused on a number of live Magento sites. This is a popular feature, and rather than disabling it, using the reCAPTCHA system can substantially reduce spam submissions without overly inconveniencing legitimate human users.

    Development of this extension was led by one of our newer team members, Denis, and is a more complex extension which includes customised controllers, configuration and templates.

    Further information and instructions for use are provided on the extension page.