Easy Product Ordering

    Never deal with having to assign numeric positions again. The Enhanced Category Products extension makes it possible to re-arrange products in a category by dragging and dropping, or using an automated sort to have the system do most of the work for you.

    Intuitive Display

    Each product in a category is shown with the essential information you need to make decisions about the best way to merchandise your inventory. Stock status, quantities, SKU and price are all shown below the product's image, making it trivial to manually re-arrange products by a variety of different criteria.

    Simple and Straightforward

    Other merchandising extensions try to do too much and throw in the kitchen sink, leading to performance problems, confusing interfaces, and potential security issues. The Enhanced Category Products extension instead goes for a lean and to-the-point approach that ensures that you can quickly do what you need without having to worry about jumping through hoops.

    Comparison to OnTap Visual Merchandiser

    Enhanced Category Products is similar to Visual Merchandiser, included in Magento Commerce (formerly Enterprise Edition), but has been designed to be more straightforward so that it doesn't suffer from some of the issues you would encounter with Visual Merchandiser. A summary of the differences are listed below:

    Feature OnTap Visual Merchandiser Fontis Enhanced Category Products
    Drag-and-drop user interface Yes Yes
    Merchandise an entire category in a single window Yes Yes
    Customisable product meta data display – showing stock, price and other attributes Yes Yes
    Instantly see stock availability as you merchandise Yes Yes
    Works with large catalogs Yes Yes
    Compatibility with layered navigation extensions, Enterprise Edition SOLR Yes Yes
    Improved performance Yes Yes
    Integrated product search to help you find products to include in your category Yes No
    Smart rules Yes No
    Hero products Yes No
    Easy product filtering No Yes
    Supports store-based permissions No Yes
    Re-uses core Magento code No Yes


    Expert support

    • Comprehensive documentation for all extension features.
    • Assistance with installation or usage from our expert developers via email for 6 months.
    • Extend your support period by purchasing an update and support package.

    Updates for 6 months

    • Updates published within 6 months of purchase are available at no extra charge.
    • Lengthen the update entitlement period by purchasing an extended update and support package.
    • Receive notifications when new releases are published.

    30 day money back guarantee

    • Not compatible with your customisations or other extensions?
    • Doesn't do quite what you were expecting?
    • Let us know within 30 days of purchase and we'll refund your money.

    Fair use licensing

    • Each license is valid for one Magento installation, no restrictions on websites, stores, customers or products.
    • Licenses are also valid for any development or staging installations of the Magento site.
    • Licenses apply to Community or Enterprise Edition sites, without paying a premium for EE.
    • Full source code provided, without encoding or obfuscation.