Ease of use

    Tag Manager is a free service by Google, which makes it easy and reliable to add new tags to a website, without needing to modify the website code. It gives marketers greater flexibility, and it lets webmasters focus on other important tasks. The Fontis GTM extension will expose information from Magento to GTM so that it can be used in your tags.

    Built-in support for Magento data

    The Fontis GTM extension automatically handles exporting all essential information from your store into GTM. Orders, products, categories and customers are all supported out of the box and allows you to select any attribute that has been created for customers, products or categories in the Magento admin panel. This gives admins and SEO agencies the ability to quickly and easily get access to Magento data from GTM.

    Extensible and customisable

    Need to export more information from your website? We know every website is different, so the Fontis GTM extensions provides developers with a straightforward framework for including custom information in the exported data layer, making it easy to add complex attributes or purpose-built features to your tags.

    Enhanced Ecommerce support

    Make use of Enhanced Ecommerce, Google's new enhanced Universal Analytics features for merchants, giving you deeper insights into purchasing behaviour, merchandising performance and more. Setting up Enhanced Ecommerce integration has never been easier.


    Expert support

    • Comprehensive documentation for all extension features.
    • Assistance with installation or usage from our expert developers via email for 6 months.
    • Extend your support period by purchasing an update and support package.

    Updates for 6 months

    • Updates published within 6 months of purchase are available at no extra charge.
    • Lengthen the update entitlement period by purchasing an extended update and support package.
    • Receive notifications when new releases are published.

    30 day money back guarantee

    • Not compatible with your customisations or other extensions?
    • Doesn't do quite what you were expecting?
    • Let us know within 30 days of purchase and we'll refund your money.

    Fair use licensing

    • Each license is valid for one Magento installation, no restrictions on websites, stores, customers or products.
    • Licenses are also valid for any development or staging installations of the Magento site.
    • Licenses apply to Community or Enterprise Edition sites, without paying a premium for EE.
    • Full source code provided, without encoding or obfuscation.