Directly send consignments to IFS SmartFreight®

    Consignments are automatically sent through to IFS SmartFreight® when the Magento shipment is created, seamlessly integrating with existing Magento order processing. Additional information required for SmartFreight® can be configured on the same page as standard Magento options.

    Automatic box size calculations

    Shipment box sizes are automatically calculated based on existing product dimensions and use an optimised box packing algorithm to try and minimise the box volume for you, saving you from manually working out these values yourself.

    Flexible product dimension selection

    Product dimensions can be set by Magento product attributes, specifically from IFS box dimensions, using standard defaults or manually on every order. Box sizes can always be adjusted before sending to SmartFreight® so you have total flexibility in how your box dimensions are defined.

    Multiple Boxes per Product

    If you have products which are shipped as multiple individual boxes, you can add these details to Magento and have them be added together when adding boxes on the shipment creation screen.


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    Fair use licensing

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    • Full source code provided, without encoding or obfuscation.


    • Add new setting for sender email, which will be included in consignments sent to SmartFreight
    • Add ability to specify the carrier title used on Magento tracking when the shipment uses the least cost shipping option
    • Checks total length of existing special instructions before attempting to append attention text
    • Adds support for appending "Attn: customer name" to the end of the special instructions, used if the delivery is to a company address
    • Sets the receiver company name and contact on consignments if the company name has been filled out in Magento
    • Fixes a bug where the printer name was not set correctly
    • Add support for printer aliases
    • Add support for multiple boxes per product
    • Automatically calculate optimal width, length and height based on boxes
    • Fix bug when receiving errors from SmartFreight
    • Fix issue with shipping estimation in admin panel
    • Allow setting a default for special delivery instructions
    • Add support for delivery instructions from:
      • Ottmar Biebersdorf's Customer Order Comment
      • Idev OneStepCheckout
    • Fix for weight doubling when using "Auto (Single)" on shipment screen
    • Change weight assignment logic when sending to SmartFreight
    • Enforce maximum of 5 box lines when sending consignments
    • Fix phone numbers not appearing in consignments
    • Add the ability to use either the order or shipment number for SmartFreight references
    • Add least cost calculations, allowing SmartFreight to work out the cheapest price for you
    • Initial version