Magento eCommerce and MYOB Accounting. Easy.

    Synchronise customers, products and orders between Magento and MYOB in one click

    Don't waste time and effort transferring eCommerce orders to your accounting system manually. Fontis M2M Sync allows you to synchronise customers, products and orders between Magento and MYOB with the click of a button.

    M2MSync is ideal for businesses processing a significant number of orders every day, the Fontis M2M Sync application will reduce processing time and costly data entry errors, increasing your productivity.


    M2M Sync Features

    • Easy installation, no Magento extension required
    • Sync customers, orders and products
    • Supports multiple magento stores
    • PDF User manual
    • Unlimited support and access to new releases
    • 30 day money back guarantee


    M2M Sync main window

    M2M Sync main window

    License key entry form

    License key entry form

    Simple way to test the M2M Sync Settings

    Simple way to test the M2M Sync Settings

    Sync Settings Tab

    Sync Settings Tab

    Magento Settings Tab

    Magento Settings Tab

    MYOB Settings Tab

    MYOB Settings Tab


    Monthly Subscription



    Annual Subscription

    AUD including GST for Australian subscribers

    System Requirements


    Magento Community 1.4.x to 1.9.x
    Magento Enterprise 1.6.x to 1.14.x


    MYOB AccountRight Basics, Standard, Plus and Premier, V16 to V19.x (other versions)
    AU and NZ MYOB editions (other countries)

    Account Right Compatibility

    M2M Sync is compatible with the AccountRight version 19 products, which are still supported by MYOB at this time. Read More »


    Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

    Product FAQ

    What do I get with this product?

    As well as the M2M Sync software itself you also have access to a PDF user manual, a 30 day money back guarantee, unlimited support and access to upgrades for subscribers as they are released.

    How does it work?

    M2M Sync is a standalone application that runs on Microsoft Windows XP or above. M2M Sync is not a Magento extension and it does not rely on any Magento extensions. It uses the Magento API to store and retrieve information in Magento and needs to be run on the same system that MYOB is run on. Further, it relies on the MYOB ODBC driver to access the MYOB company file(s), which is installed by default with all the latest versions of MYOB.

    M2M Sync synchronises products, customers and orders. Products are managed in MYOB and automatically synchronised to Magento. Customers sign up through Magento and are synchronised to MYOB. Orders or invoices placed in Magento are synchronised to MYOB. This sequence ensures the most optimal usage of MYOB and Magento so that both are updated with minimal effort.

    Does the software support other MYOB products?

    M2M Sync is compatible with MYOB's AccountRight range of products (Basics, Standard, Plus and Premier). It does not support any other MYOB products (RetailBasics, RetailReady, Retail Manager, Mac Account Edge, EXO), and there are no plans to add support for them at this stage.

    Does this software support MYOB products from other countries?

    M2M Sync is compatible with the Australian and New Zealand versions of MYOB's AccountRight range of products. It does not support versions from other countries (Canada, UK, Hong Kong, etc).

    Can I use this with multiple Magento websites?

    We've designed M2M Sync to allow it to be used with a number of websites running on separate Magento installations, using different base URLs. The subscription licence allows for two websites and additional websites can be added at a cost of $50 per year per website. Currently M2M Sync will synchronise products with the default Magento website in an installation.

    Currently M2M Sync will synchronise products with the default Magento website in an installation. These products can then be managed in the Magento admin area to be added to multiple websites running off the one installation. Expanding upon this functionality to allow for easier management of multiple Magento websites and stores in planned for future updates to M2M Sync.

    Can I schedule the synchronisation to happen automatically?

    M2M Sync can be run in a 'batch' mode from the Windows command line. This mode does not use a graphical interface and is suitable for using with the Windows Task Scheduler for automatic synchronisation

    How do I report a bug with the software?

    We are currently setting up facilities for bug tracking. In the meantime, please use the contact form to alert us to any bugs.

    Can you add custom functionality?

    We can provide custom developed versions for customers whose needs are outside the common use cases. Contact us to find out how we can help.

    Subscription FAQ

    How does the subscription work?

    The subscription is paid monthly or yearly, depending on which option was chosen when purchasing M2M Sync. After the initial payment, each month/year an invoice will be generated and sent to you 14 days in advance. The credit card used to purchase the software will be automatically charged on the due date.

    What if the software doesn't do what I need?

    If you do your accounting with MYOB and sell products in a Magento eCommerce store then we believe the software will meet your needs. If it doesn't, contact us within 30 days of purchase for your money back.

    How does the license key work?

    The licence service makes use of a 'phone home' system that will communicate with our licensing server to validate your licence key for M2M Sync. This transaction is simply to ensure you are using a valid copy of M2M Sync and does not send any information relating to your use of the software, software settings or other personal information.

    Does M2M Sync require a separate MYOB ODBCDirect Purchase?

    MYOB uses a technology called ODBC to allow other programs to read and write to your company file. M2M Sync uses this feature to transfer product, order and customer data between MYOB and Magento. This feature normally requires a separate purchase to use, but as a developer partner we can supply this feature as part of M2M Sync.

    MYOB have recently changed their registration system and ODBC access can no longer automatically be enabled as part of the M2M Sync installation process. Before you can use the software, you must contact MYOB support and request that this feature be activated. Details of how to activate ODBC are included with M2M Sync.

    What support do you provide?

    We provide unlimited support for the M2M Sync product for the duration of your subscription. This covers help with initial set up, configuration and use and ongoing assistance with any problems you may have using the software. We do not provide support for issues arising with Magento or MYOB.

    Why is the product sold as a subscription?

    The main reasons is because both MYOB and Magento are “moving targets”. MYOB has a yearly release cycle that will most often require the product to be updated (as per this year’s release), and Magento right now is updated even more frequently than that. To maintain the product and ensure continuing compatibility with the latest and widest range of versions that is possible will require significant ongoing developer resources. We are building a sustainable solution that includes real support provided by our expert Magento/MYOB team here in Australia to get you up and running, and develop updates to keep the product working for our customers far beyond the current MYOB and Magento releases. To enable us to provide the level of service that we believe our customers expect and deserve, we have priced our product accordingly.

    We believe the annual subscription pricing represents great value for our customers. To illustrate why, it may be useful to consider an example. Suppose the data entry tasks that our solution automates are undertaken for your website either by yourself as the owner, by your bookkeeper, or by another staff member. For simplicity and as a reasonable estimate, assume the cost of that person’s time is $60 per hour. At this rate, if the person responsible for entering customers, orders and products between the two systems spends even 10 minutes each week on data entry (1/6 hour), the annual cost of performing those tasks would be $60 / 6 * 52 = $520 per year. Our solution would already be saving you money! And for most customers, we would certainly expect the time spent on manual processing would far exceed 10 minutes per week. Of course, your exact circumstances will vary, but if you also take into account the costs associated with data entry errors (which would be eliminated) and the benefit of having up-to-date figures for reporting on a more frequent basis, we believe the pricing on this basis alone represents excellent value for most MYOB and Magento users.