Please note that this service will soon be discontinued, and credits are no longer available for purchase.

    If you currently have unused credits then you may use them for new audits until September 13th, 2019. After this date credits will no longer be usable and will be lost. In addition, any previous audits that were unlocked will be deleted, so we encourage anyone wanting to preserve their audit results to download a PDF copy before then.

    Why you need MageAudit

    For Store Owners

    • Easily check on the quality of work completed by your developers
    • Pro-actively identify problems before they cause disruption
    • Ensure your site's performance isn't suffering due to misconfiguration

    For Developers

    • Quickly appraise the state of existing sites before estimating on new work
    • Verify that your development conforms with accepted Magento best practices
    • Demonstrate quality to your clients through an independent assessment


    Overall audit grade with error and warning totals

    Test Criteria

    Over 25 tests in 6 categories, with new tests added on a regular basis

    Detailed Results

    Problems are listed with helpful tips on how to find and fix them