Start Your Audit

    Follow the steps below to begin checking your Magento site

    1. Download MageAudit

    1. This will download a file called "mageaudit.php" to your computer.
      • mageaudit.php requires PHP 5.3+ and a working Magento installation.

    2. Upload MageAudit To Your Site

    1. Open up an FTP client and connect it to your server
    2. Upload "mageaudit.php" to the Magento root directory
      • Not sure how to use FTP?
      • Not sure how to find your root directory? It's the one that Magento was installed into. It has the app, var, skin & media folders in it.

    3. View MageAudit In Your Browser

    1. View the MageAudit with a browser by navigating to the file on your server
    2. Follow the instructions
      • For example,

    Now What?

    After the audit is completed you'll be redirected to a report page. From there you'll be able to see an overview of the health of your site. You'll need to pay to unlock the report before seeing the full details & explanations.

    mageaudit.php will try and remove itself from yours server just before you get sent to the report page. Some servers don't allow this to happen automatically, so please check to make sure it has been removed from your server when you're done. If it's still there, select mageaudit.php with your FTP client, and hit 'delete'

    Need Help?

    Fill out the contact form here and give us details of what you're having trouble with. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.