What Is A PIM?

    A PIM (or Product Information Manager) is a central repository of all the product data of a company. A PIM helps with the management and normalisation of product information leading to a better classified, richer product database that can be propagated to a number of different sources.

    Who needs it

    A PIM is for anyone dealing with a large catalog of products who:

    • Wants to centralize their data for every sales channel.
    • Wants to enforce a high standard of data completeness and consistency.
    • Needs to reduce duplicate product data.
    • Dreams of giant spreadsheets monsters coming from outer space to corrupt their data.

    Why Akeneo?

    Akeneo was built by a team who has worked in the e-commerce industry for more than 10 years, pioneering some of the most prolific e-commerce software today. They've created a product that is the right fit for small and large brands wanting to grow their online businesses without having to struggle with complex or archaic systems to manage products information.

    Key Features

    • Open Source:
      • Lower initial investment compared with proprietary alternatives.
      • Far easier to customise and integrate.
      • No vendor lock-in.
    • Built with proven technologies that power massive applications on the web (Linux, PHP and MySQL).
    • Handles the import and export of product data.
    • Reconciles product data from a range of sources.

    Fontis + Akeneo

    Fontis have been helping businesses lower costs, improve reliability and escape vendor lock-in for open-source products such as Akeneo since 2006. We offer consultation, installation, customisation and ongoing support for Akeneo. We believe in partnerships and will consult to ensure all systems are set up the right way from the outset. With Fontis as your Akeneo partner, you can spend the time harnessing your data while we take care of the details.

    Get Started

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