What is a CRM?

    A CRM (or Customer Relationship Manager) gives you a 360° view of everything you need to know about your customer. No matter where your customers are or how they're engaging, you will know about it. No click or call gets missed.

    Who needs it?

    A CRM is a perfect fit for anyone looking to integrate customer information from a number of different channels into a single, unified view.

    Why OroCRM?

    OroCRM can manage everything for your online retail store including abandoned carts, contact requests, and sales tasks. OroCRM has a focus on multi-channel, allowing you to integrate customer data from a range of sources including:

    • Magento
    • eBay
    • Mailchimp
    • Mandrill
    • Zendesk

    OroCRM allows you to create multi-workflow tasks that are specific for your business and can include all business units in your organization.

    Key features

    • Open Source:
      • Lower initial investment compared with proprietary alternatives.
      • Easy to customise and integrate.
      • No vendor lock-in.
    • 360° view of the client.
    • Integration with third-party platforms.
    • Powerful marketing tools.
    • Workflows for every business.
    • Reporting and analytics.
    • Intuitive sales tools.

    Fontis + OroCRM

    Fontis have been helping businesses lower costs, improve reliability and escape vendor lock-in for open-source products such as OroCRM since 2006. We offer consultation, installation, customisation and ongoing support for OroCRM. We are your partners in this service and consult you to ensure all systems are setup in the right way from the outset. With Fontis as your OroCRM partner, you can spend the time looking after your customers and let us take care of the tools that make it possible.

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