Gift card payments

    When checking out, the user can add a gift card as a form of payment by entering the gift card number and PIN. If desired, users can add more than one gift card.

    Merging gift cards

    If a guest user logs in, any cards they have set up currently will be merged with the cards they had set up when they were last logged in.

    Gift card details

    Gift card details will be shown when viewing information about an order, invoice or credit memo. The information is displayed both to the user (on the frontend) as well as to the merchant (in the admin panel).

    Payment cancellation

    If payment on an order is cancelled, any gift cards that were charged will be refunded.

    PayPal support

    Supports the use of PayPal. The total gift card amount is set up as a discount.

    Check gift card balance

    The user can check the balance and expiry date of a gift card from the My Account area.


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